Thursday, April 12, 2018

£206m less spent on Youth Services in last 3 years

1 in 10 people 16 to 24 say they often or always feel lonely says @ONS. 
The reality is that councils are spending £206m less on youth services than 3 years ago, where opportunities to meet others have been lost. 

  • .... people ask why. 
  • WHY so many #murders & #knife #crime in #London & beyond ....
  • ... the powers have cut out the very humans from needy communities who can build HELPING RELATIONSHIPS with young people in so much need ........... 
  •  #YouAreBeautiful 

  • pbowmanAnd here in Northern Ireland a recent report revealed almost half of young people here have experienced a mental health problem. 
  • The time when young people need support & helping relationships the most is the time when resources are cut the most! 
  • Heartbreaking!