Thursday, July 29, 2021

I touch on tears

 Yesterdays Blog

I touch on tears.

Often one person in many will share via tears, unwanted ones, unwanted to disclose tears - but something big going on on inside emotionally.

These are great moments emotionally  - beautiful moments - memorial moments GOOD for the person NOT a moment of weakness.

Beautiful humans share their inner self with me - it is beautiful. Often, they disclose, that they have been in an inner struggle and not been able to self disclose.

It is a great step. ONE step - because the next step needs to me another good rather than a memory.

You may have picked up from my Facebook or here, a little out-burst in response to one of my quotes. Then I love it in others who chip in - wanting to be real even though it hurts. Tear-Up ............

Join me on a journey - becoming an Emotion Detective.