Sunday, July 11, 2021

Football / Soccer - whatever you call it - As a write the media & all attention is focused HERE

Blob Soccer 

immediately (or as soon as the game is over with)

The Little Book of Blob Questions

FOOTBALL / SOCCER and if you are a People worker::
Start a group with a DeFreezer like this = relevant.
Use it to get discussion going.
Use it to help each person to say how they are doing in life = Emotional Literacy.
Use it to help talk about relationships in a group -
or talk about their National Football Team
Or how they belong/function in a team.
And how they feel playing Football
or just how they FEEL!

Many uses - because it does not have answers ONLY great for communication.
For more information about how to use it
purchase the Little Book of Blob Questions
from HERE
or the Big Book of Blobs