Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Mother who has enraged all her life

How do you say goodbye to mother who has enraged you for most of your life? 
Guardian Article

I have not seen/read the article but
I reflect on the question myself.

I say
See the Beautiful Imperfection in her
See her Imperfection 
different than yours.
See her Beautiful
different than yours.

The main thing is your own emotions.
Blaming another for our own inner 'rage'
is not a good place to be.

If we don't learn to 'manage our emotions
we end up numb - not feeling.'
Quote: Kate Tempest.

'How can I manage my own emotions
when I feel enraged about life with Mother'

Being brought up with someone who is unstable
is extremely painful.
I guess the writer has been damaged 
as a child/adolescent living with Mother.

Into adulthood we all need to discover 
the awareness and skills
of managing life.
Managing emotions inside us 
is as big and important as it gets.

They can be understood more.
They can be managed more.
NOT controlled = suppressed
but Managed by 
reading feeling which are signals
then developing strategic responses
to each feeling.

So many people manage most of life
but don't consider that 'feelings' too
can be managed by acts of learning.

Seems to me that this inner life of ours
is foundational to living a balanced
wholistic life - it is
a life journey - we never arrive
just journey.