Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#Developmental #GroupWork with #YoungPeople

Group Work.
Look at this Blob Group above
(Blobs are neither 
male female
young or old
black or white)
Question:: Articulate four things about this group?
(My own observations are in the footnotes.)

If you have engaged with that little exercise
you have been reading primary human communication.
Face and body language.
The face alone contains 55% of our communication.
We all read this language instinctively.

The Blobs and 'where I am at'
has grown out of my life experiences.
Journey with me into this context.

If you have only read
the above text
rather than doing ........
you will have not had the 
experiential opportunity I planned.

In conclusion
I share this with you.
A note I found from someone
I worked with in a special needs hostel

i wark into thur rum for Pips sesion
 and feel that this is thur onle place
 to unberdin my heart
 and let uthers now how i am feling
 deep down inside ov mi hart.

Blob Group Observation Questions::
1  As normal with a group, everyone looking at the leader.
2  There is one Blob wanting to get away unsmiling/stepping back.
3  The same Blob is not holding her/his arms around anyone.
4  Leader not engaging arms either.

Many group work materials are available to view/download