Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I didn’t blog yesterday / I like to reflect daily / I need to reflect / FEELINGS

I didn’t blog yesterday.
I like to reflect daily.
I need to reflect.
I don’t get to always publishing them here.
Sometimes they just stay in my note book
by accident
not design.

Sometimes they stay on the back of a receipt in a cafe.
I try not leave them in the tumble dryer of my head.

Day before yesterday
I had a spike in my hits on my - here.
Never before that big.
Normally I have 2500 to 3500 hits a week
SPIKE was 4283 - & I nearly missed it.
I don’t concentrate on this
It is just a cursory glance every now and again.

I looked the day up on my STATS page.
1812 hits from Israel - that’s the only unusual number
the rest come from all over the world
but usually/mainly from UK and USA
(thanx you guys!)

REFLECTING -  I start with the word FEELINGS
It digs deeper into my soul.

Pretty healthy.
Hips ache when I walk any distance
and me and MrsBeautifful try to walk regularly
it’s great conversation/reflection time too.

I get tired more - and more often.
(Conniepops - Grandaughter guessed my aged this week!
She was spot on - she said 
Love it )

I spend too much time at my desk - doing this sort of thing
but the most pressure I feel is when I am deep in preparation
for a gig - my word for any event where I am in a trainer/facilitation role.

I feel 'searching LIFE'.
I am never content
always refreshing my irritation.

I enjoy life
but always aching to learn more
but also about the human walkway.

The inner spiritual, emotional, reflecting me
is still there to be discovered.

I want to always contribute to life
especially to the EDGE - I am not a mainstream person.

My gigs are important to me.
I have to prep well to get the content to it’s best -
the process/journey through the day - at it’s best
The experiential - at it’s best
The methods - at it’s best
and the FUN
and also having flexible range of options to switch to if needed.
ALL vital for a climate of trust with groups of individuals or teams
- becoming……..

Prep and delivery stretches me as I learn
as does my 121 encounters.

Do you know how you are feeling now?
Can you contact your feelings at any one time?
Can you put a name to every feeling?
(The words Happy and Sad I usually ban as they are not specific enough
and they superficial-ize every feeling.)

Do you know how your closest person is feeling NOW? - empathy?
Do you express/share/reveal your own feelings?
Not just let them out when you are bursting with them.

Do you write out your feelings?
Could you write, just for yourself, 
the three most significant things in your life right now?

It’s good to do this sort of thing
it gets feelings out of the concrete mixer of the head.
Writing out feelings - then they become concrete.

I am feeling positive.
I am feeling I need to get on
stop reflecting and deliver the important.