Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paradise: Lost & Found

Sunday 20 May, All Hallows On The Wall, London Wall EC2M

GREENBELT is hosting an afternoon of thought-provoking mini-talks around our theme for 2012, Saving Paradise, on Sunday 20 May in London.

We’re inviting ten speakers to All Hallows On The Wall, to give “five clues about how to lose Paradise, and five clues about how to find it”.

There are limited tickets available, so book online here »

Confirmed so far…

omond by

Tamsin Omond

Tamsin Omond is the founder of Climate Rush which organises mass direct actions involving hundreds of Climate Suffragettes who will step outside their comfort zone to campaign for climate action.

Ann Pettifor by

Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor is the part-time campaigns director for Operation Noah, the climate change campaign based at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI).

She is also a director of Advocacy International Ltd, a consultancy that advises organisations ranging from the Global Aids Alliance to the Nigerian government.

Lucy Winkett by

Lucy Winkett

Lucy Winkett is Canon Precentor of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. She is a founding advisor of the public theology thinktank Theos, a columnist for Third Way magazine and a regular contributor on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.

Rose Hudson Wilkin by

Rose Hudson Wilkin

Rev Hudson-Wilkin was ordained Deacon in 1991, and Priest in 1994. In 2007 she was appointed a chaplain to the Queen, making her one of only 36 religious leaders who are invited to officiate and preach, on occasions, at the 400-year-old Queen’s Chapel beside St. James’ Palace. People in the know say she may be the first female bishop. We hope they’re right.

Paul Vallely by

Paul Vallely

Paul Vallely is a writer and activist on Africa and development issues. He is an associate editor of the UK newspaper The Independent where he writes about ethical, cultural and political issues. He is also a columnist for the Church Times and Third Way magazine.

Greenbelt 2009 AW 1446 by Alison Whitlock

Abdul-Rehman Malik

Abdul-Rehman Malik is London-based journalist and educator. A contributing editor at Q-News – a leading Muslim current affairs magazine, he is currently senior project manager for the Radical Middle Way, a community-led initiative that seeks to encourage critical civic participation and the values of public service, mercy and social justice amongst young British Muslims.

Symon Hill by

Symon Hill

Symon Hill is a Christian activist, writer and trainer. He is a part-time news reporter for The Friend and an associate tutor at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. Until 2009, Symon oversaw media relations at the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT). Symon was nominated as a Hero of 2007 by campaigning comedian Mark Thomas in the Independent on Sunday.

Chris Barnatt by

Christoper Barnatt

Christopher Barnatt is Associate Professor Professor of Computing and Future Studies in Nottingham University Business School, and runs the websites and He is the author of seven books including “25 Things You Need to Know About the Future”, and appears regularly on the radio.

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