Saturday, April 19, 2014

The SAINTS and a tragic LOSS - I am in a dark place.

I am just emerging from a dark cupboard. 
It was a massive loss to the worst possible team. 
BUT we played bad. 

EVERYONE played their guts out but it was a bad day when the simple things like catching the ball went sickly wrong.
If we feel bad - so much more they guys out there in the squad and the backstage crew. 
They wanted to win so much for the great crowd and all the rest of us all around the world.

What they need now is supporters - encouragers - firm fans whatever the weather.

We will return to getting a grip of that ball and we will deliver this season HOPE at Widnes - mores at Leeds.

I am nursing my darkness after the game - many others bruises AS WELL .......... 
hope the guys are well enough for a great Monday WIN.

Come on you Saints