Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I write 'where I am' re #Palestine and #Israel - an unfinished stumble

I love Israeli humans
I love Palestinian humans

I have decided to LOVE
not HATE
because love does a better job.

This 'youarebeautiful' stuff 
I keep projecting at you ......

It came out of working with 
violent and aggressive
robbing mugging
cash-till snatching 
young humans.

I decided nearly 40 years ago
that these damaged humans
knew that they did wrong
didn't know they were loved.
Perfect love
by Divine lover.
I decided to always
tell them
demonstrate to them
'You are beautiful'

Imperfect love
by the likes of me and you.

I need to transpose this
not only to those I know
but those at a distance
those out of reach
teams of them
gangs of them
families of them

Because I love 
doesn't mean 
I don't feel hurt - 
it seems deeper in it's cuts
deep into my soul.

Everyone I know
Beautiful - Imperfection.
+ you
and those I don't know.

The Israel/Palestine conflict
lies heavy on my soul.
ALL of us see TV images
of ghastly things.
The deaths
and injury

It / they challenge 
my philosophy
my faith
my values
my understanding.

This is where I am at.

I don't want rockets fired at Israel.
I don't want missiles fired at Palestine.
I want peace.
I want Justice.
I work
I live 
for Peace - Shalom = wholeness 
in ever part of life.

I have never been to Israel or Palestine.
Many of my friends,
and others I deeply respect, 
They tell me of the locked in oppression 
in Palestinian villages and individual homes.

I love this MANIFESTO for life::
"...for he has called me
to bring good news
to the poor
to proclaim freedom 
for the prisoners
to set the oppressed free ..."

My conclusion in my '79 study of
Inner City gangs was
They numb themselves to survive.
= Emotional Deprivation.

I once, in the Thatcher years,
I talked with the Home Secretary
(he didn't listen
He didn't even look at me)
about the need to release oppression
set the prisoners free
(YES in Inner City UK)
release the captives -
in that context = 80% Youth Unemployment.
Young People were living in deprivation
the worst being 

My faith, my work, my life
has developed into major concern for the oppressed
and release of the captives.

One of my favourite Bible verses
was when Moses released the captives from Egypt.
He led them through the sea
into the promised land
- and they started to party !
To revel.
They would not listen to Moses.
He could not pass on the message God had asked him to.

Moses delivered his confession to God
"They cannot hear me because
of their broken spirits"

Now like then 
we have humans with broken spirits.
They live in Israel.
They live in Palestine.
At the moment there is a ceasefire between Palestine and Israel.

I hope and pray it will be sustained.
These leaders must talk together
humans together
eye to eye
face to face
soul to soul.

It will be difficult to find
a lasting peace.

Israel have a lot to lose.
They have a history of strong armed response.
They won't want to be deemed weak.
They don't want to allow the enemy any freedom
and feel any vulnerability.
Their historic stance has been to slaughter in response 
to rockets coming out of Palestine.
They don't want suicide bombers returning to their city streets and buses.
They fear Islamic armed forces coming into their midst
as in several other middle eastern countries.

Palestinian leadership have a lot to lose.
They know that stopping launching rockets
could result in no real negotiations
which would leave 
the population still under lockdown
and not free to live and move and
have their being.
They will need to learn how to negotiate
build relationships with those they
dislike/hate and just don't want to spend time with.

They will also have to soften their hearts as hate could rule.
The military occupation over years
will have served to create a hate filled youth population especially.
Angry young people who wan to fight for freedom.

Both sides need to talk about freedom to travel
have the freedom of movement but also

One serious Israeli behaviour has been the encroachment into
Palestinian historic homes,farms to build settlements against
International law.
The never-ending creep and destroy.

The real problem is - issues could easily fall from the world headlines
leaving no pressure for the leadership to continue
to work at a climate of trust and and an outcome of lasting peace with justice.


I pray for open hearts
Humble hearts
NOT hard hearts.

I hope that whoever mediates with them
can build a climate of trust
(a tough challenge)
MEND broken spirits
that they will make small steps towards a lasting agreement
increasing to larger steps.


As I said when the London Riots were happening
"I love these young people"
"I don't love their behaviour"