Monday, October 26, 2015

We are both on the road less travelled

I have been with humans
some not knowing how to become

I don't either
working on it though
but believe  

'the means’ 
is the end

I feel ditto YOU
because you are on the road less travelled
not mine
and I lurve holding hands with you on yours
or touching finger tips
through these keys

so vital
such a struggle for so many

one I am thinking of
living a complete lie
but has told only me the truth
when I last/first met him
first/last saw him in January
and then again yesterday
because of his openness then
he tells me a few words
and I know where he is at

great to be with
like hell
all his adult life

I don't think I have toothache
no preoccupation's
feel good in a restless way
want to be there
my big struggle is trying to understand 
a few in a group who I am training in group work - 
and they won't let me in
I am trying to understand their toothache
so I can love them in that place

because I love that you clicked me
will catch up with yours tonight 

you are beautiful
no matter what
you are beautiful

keep in touch