Thursday, October 22, 2015

Touching the deep emotions of a child. Getting in their skin.


W Indian
and more ....

I worked with a group who's ethnic roots range from the above - and more.
One of the privileges I have , working in multi-cultural London town.

This group was not a team, and one of the objectives of the day, 
was to achieve that. 
We rocked.
It happened.
All I did was process their natural insecurities 
into self revelation - in a facilitated process. 

I made gentle moves to water the seeds in the plastic cup 
and the roots went down and the shoots went up.*

Then they opened like flowers to the sun. 
They trusted me. 
They trusted my facilitation. 
The believed that I would not lead them 
into a place called failure, ugliness or shame. 
The had fled from such so many times in their lives.

These were all women with considerable experience of life - 
in some cases longer lives - some shorter.
I kept them active and sharing - and stretching.
The I took the risky option from my long list of prepared options.

I facilitated an experience.
Touching the deep emotions of a child.
Getting inside their skin.
Feeling rejection.
........... and more.

At one stage - when I was processing their own analysis 
through the feelings contained in one grown up mature woman, 
in the role of a nine year old child, she said::
"I cannot speak any more"
She was choked in emotion.
She was stuttering to a stop.
Life had got in her gut
in her gullet
in her mouth
and she could not articulate any more.

There were others similar.
For all, it became an experience of learning.
NEVER again will these leaders be insensitive to little ones.
Never will they listen to and angry child, 
a demanding child, an attention seeking child .......
without looking into their eyes and 
reading their little faces of need…… 
and their souls.
They have been there. 
They feel the pain ........

When it we all over.
They were buzzing
They were happy and satisfied.
They were a team.