Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SCRIPT - 'where do we go from here' the VIDEO STARS of Greenbelt

Back in the day at Greenbelt
The office received a VHS tape of a band called SCRIPT 
offering to play at Greenbelt.
They became the most famous
group EVER 
NOT to play AT Greenbelt.

Every night in the Very Stinking Late Show
there was appeals for yet another showing of this video
EVERYONE knew their lyrics
EVERYONE could do their dance.
"Where do we go from me here"

The festival's most popular ever video surely? 
Never destined to appear at the festival in person 
(their fees were way to high......)
- the sublime Script perform 
'Where do we go from here'......... 
as shown at many a late night on the big screen 
at the magical Stinkin' Late Show......