Wednesday, January 09, 2019

I love asking questions - here is one coming at me ............

 Have you learned to be ? asked Alice

I often blog about being a 
HUMAN BEING and also a 
I feel that us humans enter our comfort zones as soon as we can and largely stay there.
If you place a crawling child on the floor, what does she/he do?
The child explores the periphery of the space -
under the table, every corner and wall.
It is said that we lose that spirit of adventure by the time we are 19.
We settle into comfort zones we are not aware of.

(Do this little exercise, only a moment of your time.
Clasp your hands together with fingers interlinked as one fist.
Now cross your thumbs.
Grip tightly.
Now cross your thumbs the other way - it does not feel comfortable!
Here is one example of resting in our unknown comfort zones.
Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.)

I have had to learn to become. 
Being comes natural it seems to me.
I am restless and thirsty.
I enjoy relaxation but then 
I am refreshed to be a human becoming.
I have learned to BE.
I need more practice of how to be BECOMING.