Saturday, January 12, 2019

Reflecting:: When I packed in my Full-Time job to go freelance ..........


Wednesday 9th April 2003 
I had previously packed my full-time job in before I went freelance.
Then launched into 4 pieces of work all in different YMCA’s - mainly group work with residents in their Hostels.
I reflected after my first two days ......

Well here I am tired after my 'first day at school' feel. 
All this in the first two days of my new job at Kingston YMCA. (London)
The people have been fantastic with me to me. 
It is said that the first four minutes of contact lasts forever. 
You never have a second chance to make a first impression! 
These guys have been glorious. 
The community. The welcome, the acceptance, the naturalness. 
Love it. 
So tired now. 
Makes me think/feel what a new resident coming to the YMCA feels on their first day. 
The bigness, the routines, the policies, the strangers all around which includes the staff. 
All the residents here have special needs at Kingston YMCA. 
All unique. 
All a precious one-off. 
All hand made and, like me, a broken offering to the world. 
Some have been through hell. 
Some still there. 
Some with a lifetime of rejection. 
Some feeling 'not ok' to the depth of their being. 
Some hiding all these feelings and stigmas with artificial distractions. 
Among the them are angels. 
Some are staff who seem to give and give and share the journeys with the stumbling ones. 
Some are residents themselves who have been blessed and supported through crucial times and are longer only 'YMCA takers' but have become 'YMCA makers’. 
They are giving back from their life skills to others who are stepping in their footprints. 
So beautiful. 
God must weep with Joy and weep with sadness at all the pain and the beauty, sorrow and love flow mingled Down’ 
Looking such a scruff - and the special needs are so clear. 
So the stigma cuts into his soul just like that crown of thorns rammed on his head, but it hurts SO much more. 
I am tired but the reflection to the depth of my soul does me good. 
So bless you as you read and join us on this little journey over the coming days. 
We need each other and ___________________________________- 'fill in' space for you.