Friday, January 11, 2019

Mental Health / Emotional Literacy using Blob Tree Tools.

The Blob Secret Feelings Tree is exactly the same TREE as
The Blob Mental Health Tree.

Many people young and older
see the word 'mental' and don't want to go there.
Often Mental Health is seen as only mental disability / mentally ill - 
not something we need = becoming mentally healthy ...........

I aim to be in a helping relationship with people.
A slow start into understanding emotions is needed often.
Encouraging people to get in touch with  their feelings is an objective.
Contacting them.
Accepting them
Understanding them
Articulating them
Developing the awareness & skills to be able to manage them.

Feelings are not RIGHT or WRONG
it is
BEHAVIOUR which can be right or wrong.

Getting people to make a start  in this inner area of life needs
someone like you - YOU
sharing your own feelings which gives others, in a strange way,
permission for them to share their own.

(I am really keen to encourage parents to share their feelings with their children so they can have a role model of such sharing - rather than they only see that 'grown-ups' don't have feelings ! )

There are other Blob Tools which can help to give a slow entry into feelings.

On my website you can search for examples how I have used different tools
to help develop emotional literacy - always so so positive in terms of relationships.