Sunday, September 22, 2019

More than ever - my eyes fill with emotion - and sometime a sob rises in my chest.

I find myself 'filling up' now-a-days.

Unrequited emotions.

Something I am hit with this when I

It can be online
or in real life
sometimes within a TV programme.

It can be something
such as gentleness
or kindness from one to another.
Or to see an animal being loving ........

I know so many BHP's
who are struggling with
mental health
physical illness
broken relationships
little hope .........

My eyes leak
so much more easily than when I was younger.
It is emotion flooding into and 
around my eyes.
But not only there
my body feels it too

It is not a planned trigger.
I don't want to promote these within me
or their more public happenings.

I do carry pain for others.
Not deliberately
but I just can't
walk on the others side.

Sharing with inadequacy here
My best offering of the day .........