Monday, September 02, 2019

The JUSTICE System failing Young People in lock-down - Youth Justice?

If you read my pages regularly
maybe over years?
You will know of my passion and history of working with young offenders.

Gangs, Individuals, Community Centres, 
Youth Clubs, Secure Training Centres (STC)
Staff Training & more ........ 
and I am still there - to the hilt & heart  ...........

This is article is written about the Youth Prisons = YOIs
and STC's = Secure Training Centres.
which are unsafe for teenagers and staff themselves.
These things lay heavy in my head and gut.
So I want to share.

We are talking about teenage boys here.
All who have had life experiences leading to incarceration. 
Then learning anything but 
a balanced loving life to take back into their community

I feel for these teens
AND the workers working with them especially in daily violent situations.
Damaged lives being further damaged.
Lost lives in lockdown with little chance of growth and development
and prospects of leaving with a more balanced mind and emotions.

Be disturbed with me .......................