Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Back to school as it was BACKINTHEDAY

What was school like when you was young Grandad ?

Guess which one of these was me - before the war?
A Granddaughter question - 
great to be in daily visual/audio contact with your grandkids in lockdown !

She asked about our school days which were different than hers - 
a school project.

Grandma spoke about how everyone at school had a lay-down in the afternoon on camp-beds for a sleep.
And then she remembered more ……..
We were tuning into our 5/6 year old school days.

1   I spoke how I used to daily conduct the whole school from a podium as we sung the Nation Anthem.
2   How I used to go to school in Clogs. They had steel bars on the bottom and you could kick the pavement and generate sparks.
3   I told her how we used to go to school everyday with gas masks in a tin box. My three older brothers had different ones than me. Me, the youngest, had a Micky Mouse gas mask.
She could’t understand it ! So we told her about the war and the danger of the Nazi airforce dropping gas bombs - so the whole population has a special mask - never to be worn outside of a daily practice at school. I even remember where we stored them at home. It was in a big bottom drawer in the kitchen.
4   We had a Air Raid shelter in our back yard. Never used but it was there tp play in and existed long after the war ended.

Here you can see in the Wilson like back-yard air raid shelter and 
the Gas Masks being carried everyone including the child.