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Yes, you must cry in front of your children

Yes, you must cry in front of your children

Crying in front of your children is a natural expression that can benefit the emotional well-being of the family

Mourn is a natural reaction of every human being and doing it in front of the children it does not make us worse fathers and mothers. What’s more, expressing both negative and positive emotions with our sons and daughters is beneficial for the emotional health of the family.

Shame often overwhelms us and we prefer to hide so as not to cry in front of them. However, this is a sign of repression of the emotions motivated by our lack of Emotional education. We believe that we can regulate our emotions in a natural way, that we do not need tools to manage them and that therefore, it is not necessary to teach our children to understand and control their own emotions.

But this position is the wrong one. As the psychologist Begoña Ibarrola points out, “the emotional literacy it is a pending subject “, both in us adults and in the children we are raising.

The process of learning to manage them begins by legitimizing our emotions. Letting us mourn in front of our children as in other times we laugh with them.

Yes, you must cry in front of your children

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5 reasons why crying in front of your children is beneficial

If you are not sure about expressing the emotion of sadness with your children, these reasons can cause you to change your point of view.

Hiding our emotions we get nothing

When we keep our emotions to ourselves, the only thing we can do is suppress them. We need to express our emotions. Denying them is only going to get in the future accumulate and explode and we do not know how to control our reaction. We cannot hide our mood from our children, because they observe us all the time and know if we are good or bad.

Improves our emotional well-being and that of our children

Crying is the behavior we choose to express the emotional state of sadness. Tears help us to express what we cannot do with words and they free us from the sad feeling that suffocates us. Crying is necessary to have well-being in life.

We prioritize our well-being when we legitimize and express all emotions. In addition, we are contributing to well-being of our son and the good family atmosphere. As the founder of Relax and Educa, Amaya de Miguel, says, “if you take care of yourself, things at home will be much better. If you are well, that group will be much better ”.

Yes, you must cry in front of your children

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We influence their emotional education

The teacher and psychopedagogue Mar Romera says that the expression of our emotions will serve as an example for our children so that they can express theirs. “Emotional education is not based on speeches, but on recurring emotional behaviors experienced within the family, that is, what you do as a mother when you get angry, the intensity with which you get angry, what you do when you cry, how you cry ”.

Know our emotions and express them with them makes us their models of emotional management.

They realize that crying is not bad

The expression of sadness is often associated with something that should be avoided. Crying is seen as a sign of weakness, since if this emotion is repressed, we show strength.

But this is far from the truth. Fathers and mothers are the leaders who direct and guide the path of our children. They believe in what we tell them and what they observe. Therefore, if they see us cry, they will see that tears are a normal expression in all people, regardless of gender or age.

Practice empathy

Fathers and mothers are not perfect, we are not always well. Crying in front of them allows them to be empathetic, to understand that we all have ups and downs, that we need time to return to our usual emotional state. Happiness is not based on joy, but on a balance of all emotions.