Monday, March 30, 2015

An encounter with Charlie Chaplin in London Town

I have been doing it for years - once with as many as 30,000 people.
Often with hundreds
sometimes with people sat around round table in a conference with cabaret style seating.
Sometimes when they are standing in a circle.

I get people to touch their unique finger tips - one had reaching out one way and another the other way.
Beautiful to see a network of finger tips touching - a beautiful net of humans who are smiling at the same time.
You could call it an ice-breaker.
With meaning !

You may have seen my Pipturesques on Pipstagram on this page or on the the Instagram page + Facebook + Twitter - I do it once and then they filter into these social networks AND my website here.
I love collecting Pipturesques of groups touching tips and myself with anyone appropriate - Charlie here was obliging but not really communicating - poor eye contact, expressionless, no smiling - actually - he could have been almost cold and motionless - not very much alive.

I will carry on  touching tips around the world - even with famous static/frozen/cold humans - because I love it.

Setting a climate of trust is always a big aim.
Encouraging people to take a risk for their own development -  a small one first and then moving on into the experiential where we all begin to feel things - and then dig into feelings too.

Most behaviour comes out of feelings and, as we all know, some of that behaviour is not good - with not good feelings.
I yearn to understand all this.
Each time I work with a group - every-time - I am learning from those present and my own feelings/behaviour and digging into my thought processes.

If I can encourage someone to get on the road to 'becoming' - that is a great step .............. a journey of change has began ...
....a chosen journey toward becoming whole - 
The Road Less Travelled