Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When it comes down to managing life, coping with tough times, difficult relationships

When it comes down to managing life, 
coping with tough times, 
difficult relationships - 
it comes down to what is going on inside you 
the beautiful human.

We can only be with, 
manage, cope with another who is kicking off in your space 
IF we manage our own emotions.

That internal BHP.
Swirling thoughts
Anger feelings
Put-down feelings
we can learn to manage - learn skills like 
emotional literacy - emotional intelligence.
We can have our 5-A-DAY in Emotionally

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AND I am available to conduct facilitation and training in these areas of life.

Get a life = get skilled up - we can do it .............

THIS is part of a #BlobTree Tool called 'emotional resilience' - learn how to use it - connect with others.