Tuesday, August 25, 2009

iPhone App for Greenbelt Festival

The Greenbelt iPhone app provides the festival programme in an easy-to-use, inter-linked format. From the app you can skim through events happening; search for specific artists, venues or events; flag and view your favourites; and tap on the built-in site map to find out what's happening in any given venue.

The app costs £3.49 and can be bought now by clicking here to go to the iTunes Store.

(It will of course also work on the iPod touch. You need to be running the latest version (3.0 or higher) of the iPhone/iPod touch software)

Watch out for

The app will display all event times in the timezone your phone is set to. If your phone is set to something other than British Summer Time that could get a little confusing. If you're travelling from abroad, be sure to make sure your phone is set to the correct time zone when you arrive on site to ensure you show up at the right time.

Known Issues

Because it takes a little while for apple to process updates to apps, there are a couple of bugs we know about but which aren't in the released version. We have submitted a new version (1.1.1) that fix them, but there are no guarantees that it'll make it through before the festival. They are:

  • Now&Next sometimes comes up blank. Clicking away & back fixes
  • Search can sometimes get 'stuck' on a set of results. Clicking away and back fixes
  • Sometimes clicking from a venue to the map doesn't highlight the venue first time

Getting Updates

Inevitably during the festival a few events get changed and things get moved around. The app contains a built-in update mechanism and we'll do our best to make updates available frequently throughout the day. To check for updates, simply go to the "Updates" tab and tap the "Check for Updates Now" button.

Updates to the app itself will come via the iTunes App Store.

Need Help?

If you have any trouble with the app or have further questions, please email James Stewart - the run up to and duration of the festival are likely to be very busy, so please bear with us, but we'll do our best to respond promptly.


The application was designed and developed by GB trustee Paul Bennett. Its release and distribution were handled by web team member James Stewart (Ket Lai).