Friday, October 01, 2010

It is Thursday
I yearn for a mid-life crisis.

I joke
I have left it far behind.
Mid life I mean.

Lots going on in my life
It fits my mission statement.
So must be ok!

In the last few weeks
I did reach a conclusion,
you may have noticed that
I am always trying to understand myself.

One revelation ....
I have decided that I miss
belonging to a community.

I do have a Church I belong to.
I do have Greenbelt I belong to
since last year - May 2009,
I have left that active 7 day a week community,
I was there two days a week,
but I miss belonging.

I had previously left full time
community leadership
in April 2003.

I have decided that I miss that.
And also, this was a revelation recently.
I think I not only miss belonging,
I miss leading a community.

I had set off, in 2003, to go free-fall/freelance.
Back to my roots face-to-face
with young humans.
That I still do - and I move in and out of
different communities - but
it is not the same

I don't feel emotional about this conclusion.
It helps me to understand my reality.
I good place,
the only place, to commence change.

Do you know what is going on in your soul?
Do you understand where you are at?
Where you are going?

As an older human
I can tell you that my experience tells me
that life changes constantly.
Personal, social and our cosmic experience.
The world changes.
So do we -
even if we aim to
or avoid doing.

Do you avoid change
Or do you work/live with it?
Thirsty for it?

My faith changes too.
I am still hot.
Non of this lukewarm stuff.

I have changed how I handle heat
mine and others.
My sensitivity has developed
(My toenail is now a millimetre
into sensitivity/awareness - with a long way to go.)

And you?