Saturday, October 16, 2010

"I have felt vulnerable a few times recently.
I often do.
I listen for such feelings -
and enjoy the discovery awaiting.

But I do feel them and sometimes I have an aftertaste from them
like the after effects of eating a kipper.
I don't like those feelings but,
as with kipper aftertaste,
I recognise them,
and take the indigestion tablet,
or better still,
lots of tap water .....
symptom relief.

A Feelings Symptom Relief Plan ::
1 I do a SWOT on myself
2 I write to myself - and you - if you have thirsty eyes and ears
3 Talking it out with a L5 friend is so wondrously offloading
4 Reading stuff which stimulates, grows in me, stretches my yearning."

Pip Wilson