Saturday, October 30, 2010

My experience is -
that it is a great stride in personal development
is when we reach a position of believing
that it is ok to feel vulnerable,
be open about vulnerability
and even accept that vulnerability is a strength
and not a weakness.

My personal journey into this area
has included several events in which I felt extreme vulnerability.
I have never suffered a nervous breakdown
and I feel deeply for those who have,
but I have had the equivalent of a credit crunch - emotionally.
I have lived and experienced extreme fear.
I have been in unmanageable situations.
I have had to change my style of leadership -
u turn indeed,
and have had a heart transplant in theological terms.

It is mask stuff.
If we feel vulnerable but pretend we don't -
we are painting on the make-up,
fashion styling and dressing up in a mask.

I understand and feel deeply for all in this.
Some humans are so emotionally fragile
that they have to keep a public face for survival.

So many have said to me
"Pip - I want to take the
Red Pill (adventure, risk, on the edge)
but at the moment I need to take the
Blue Pill (Safe, secure, no risk, routine)
because I am so vulnerable".
... and that's ok
to take the Blue pill
Self Determination is an act of Love
Some are in a too vulnerable place for red.
But if a human is residing in a place called
comfortable -
now is the time for a RED pill.

For the rest of us,
on the pill,
who yearn for wholeness,
development for self and world,
there is growth out there in Vulnerableville.