Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do you think Love is?
I have been trying to discover for many years.

Before that I didn't bother.
I was interested in myself.
That wasn't love either.

I was being swept down a stream
stream of peer group
stream of culture
stream of normal
stream of unthinking
stream of unfeeling
stream of ignorance
stream of spiritual-less.

That was me.

Then it started
I think there were multiple triggers.
Most, early on, blurred.
And so long ago.

Vague .....
I began to become aware of God.
Mainly, humans, referencing him.
Strange but intriguing.

The big step was
the day
the days
the period
I could possibly be loved.

I had never thought I
could be love - I
could be also a lover.

I was discovering Love.

To be continued because
it was continued ....

We must not think that our love has to be extraordinary.
But we do need to love without getting tired. How does a lamp burn?
Through the continuous input of small drops of oil.
These drops are the small things of daily life:
faithfulness, small words of kindness,
a thought for others, our way of being quiet,
of looking, of speaking, and of acting.
They are the true drops of love
that keep our lives and relationships burning
like a lively flame.

- Mother Teresa