Monday, November 15, 2010

From Capetown. S Africa

My right foot

I have got a right foot full of sharp glass. It is swollen. Worst it has been in 5 days.
Until now I have been able to limp but no bending it. Now it is painful to put weight on.

It is called Gout. I have had it once before. I am on painkiller/antiflamatory tabs. Facts.

Feelings. It hurts even when sat down. It is starting to impact me emotionally.
I am interested in my emotions. I am studying them.

I feel a little fragile. Unusual.
I feel a little heavy hearted.
I believe in doing this study of myself right now.
Emotional Literacy is articulating my feelings. Here goes. Trying with head full of painkillers.

I feel also that I an attracting attention to mr because of my pain.
I don't welcome that attention.
I love interactive attention.
I feel disabled.
I feel annoyed with myself.

I also feel that am a bit of a chain and ball on the group I am with.
All these little bits = not ok.

Because I can understand these feelings. It helps. So am free in these signals called Feelings.
But the pain is still here.

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