Saturday, December 11, 2010

I can't remember the last time
that we have grabbed a meal
through church connections.

I have never really been active in Churches.
Always a goer/member/belonger -
but usually just a Sunday man.

My faith has always been worked at
stumbled through/at/with
fumbled along a road less travelled
outside the Church.

So here we are
three couples connecting.
Privileged being asked.
Beautiful to get to know others
who kneel in the same space
but don't collide into relationships.

I like a good old relationship.
(do you know the first
three words in my latest book?
If you a regular you will know!)
It is all about
relationships ..............

I have so much to do
yet all my gigs are done for the year.
Trainers not needed
in December and half of January
but it is Clearupville
at Wilson Mansions.
It is 'the great undone'.

I live for the face to face
glad gigs are coming in for next year.

I do find, in recent months,
that I don't have the same
resilience after a gig -
I flake out easier.

I keep going gigwise
but afterwards I need a one day recovery.

I didn't take any Pipturesque tonight -
strange .....
... I am sad I missed the opportunity.
Next time.

Rachel Barry/Liz Ian/Kathy Mike
thanx - loved it.

My only day at home
Christmas/catchup stuff
All other days I am out and about.

Tuesday we leave 6am
to travel to Leicester
for the last time -
I hope.
Rooting around in my Brothers flat
not a chosen activity.

This blog is unusual!
It is all FACT (L2)
+ a little reflection!
No L4 = feelings !

I need to write feelings
again - articles needed
but also blogs.
Always need to reflect.

My feelings at the moment -
I feel positive
glass half full.
I feel I have had some time -
some head-space.

Five Words to describe my life at the moment::
Concern - for some I know @Christmas

...... and you?