Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family whispers
secret presents
from lists provided
secret parcels from Amazon.

Big build up
Tescos started it.
Fou days left
Then it slides away
so quickly into Christmas Day.

in brackets.

I wish we could get toys again.
I guess gadgets fix the men.
What do women get?
All the hard work I guess!

Christmas fills all space
busy with family humans*
busy with tinsel*
busy with food*
busy with alcohol
busy with TV*
busy with no time to think/reflect
busy with presents*
busy with NO TIME

* and then I think
*of the beautiful humans
*who live in homeless hostels
*who are dysfunctional in relationships
*who are in conflict with family
*who are rejected by family
*who are without a loved one
*who have dependancy issues
*who are with humans they don't want to be with
*who stop me in the street
and boast about their
new place to sleep
because it is under a stairwell
with an air-con extract
= warmth
= for Christmas ...............

*I am dwelling on those who are facing Christmas in fear.
Little children who are in the way.
Teenagers pregnant without a shed to sleep in.
Teenagers who have complex violent relationships.
Humans who will not chose to be - alone.

I feel .........