Sunday, December 19, 2010

Richard phoned today
from Seattle US.
45 beautiful minutes.
We have not talked for ages.

Sorting through papers today
writing letters
setting up for Monday
dealing with the deceased.

Met mR Singh for a Curry
Thursday Brick Lane.
A great man of wisdom.

Met up with Andy T
stink, it has been so long.

Spoke Albanian
to a man in Koha Cafe.
Rushes of Kosovan memories.

Travelled on a Train
The first time since Cape Town
when I travelled in.
(Caught a cab returning from LHR
- re
returning with my Gout)

Must go to the Docs
just not had time.

Bobby didn't show.

I am concerned about a few humans.
Some really on the edge.
No home/money/family/hope.
Christmas is dread.
I want to feel it.
Not ignore it.

We are surrounded by snow.
Joan committed to going to London
tomorrow to look after Conniepops.
She will have to go early
daylight travel
trains disrupted
dangerous under foot.

Conniepops is a star.
I am looking forward
to enjoying her first Christmas.

I need a break.
Feel - yes feelings again,
that I have not relaxed/stopped.
No working OUT this year
but rammo with jobs to do
and must crack my TAX
before the new year grabs me
and I dive into the things I love to do.
It is where I become ......................

I made it known that my Christmas list
was headed by
Three Apples!

Visiting Tomek and Anita
last week-end,
Anita presented me with all three Apples

The current weather restricts
social life
life full stop.

I am not used to being restricted.

I am feeling reflective.
Not deep,
meaning of life stuff,
but late night pondering.

I feel
I also want to understand them
and take the signals
learn from them
action the results
become .......................

I would love to know how you
really feel?
Like 5 words would help?

How about 5 Words from you
to summarise you life
at the moment?

Refreshment needed

.. and you?