Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have decided that I don't agree with WikY leakY.
If any leaks are about injustice
That's OK then
I believe that light needs shining in the dark corners.

I feel journalists love all this
it feeds the monster.
I don't think they would be happy
if their dirty washing was hung in public.
Do they have rights?
Does the private musings of governments?

In the process of being strategic
we consider all options
expand/stretch the the thinking
before deciding action.
I don't want all that leaked
Injustice is oppression.
Injustice needs to be opened
but not all the tittle tattle.

I don't warm to the key figure in all this
he has a massive PR machine in process
it is all one sided.
We are constantly bombarded
by his image+Lawer
mounting PR pre trial.

He is required to face justice in Sweden
Justice is about dealing with that.
He feeds off publicity.

Some opinions above
I normally do feelings.

Strange goings on
big picture under scrutiny