Saturday, April 23, 2011

Me and Mrs Beautiful
went to Canterbury Cathedral yesterday.
The three hour service.
It has, for years, been most special.
It takes me deep
it takes me to the cross
it helps me reach my inner being
my inner becoming
my soul
undressing .......

We have had a mini-invasion to Wilson Mansions.
A welcome visit by Ann, Dave and Conniepops.
All just before Joy flew off to New York
to get my birthday present
an apple
from the big Apple.

It was special
all of it.

After the service we went back home
to catch the recorded Saints Rugby League match
between arch rivals
The Saints v The Pie Eaters.
Sadly, a fab game, but we lost

So much to unpack.
So much I want to understand
and have to write to
make any sense of it.

Reflection for me
real learning
I move on
I sip at the well
I am encouraged
drinking in the humans
the words
sorrow and Love
flow mingled down

I receive both
I refuse neither.