Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MY life has ethos-filters which influence MY
language and behaviour
that stuff about
"you are beautiful"
is one of my filters

I suppose I believe that what we believe,
hold as principles,
have as self-guidelines ......
they are filters when it comes to
Primary language x 2
- verbal
- body

- to our own interior
- to others
- to the community/society we live in
- to the comos - the planet we live in
- to the eternal significance which we all have some contact with ....
need and greed
taker or maker
or don't read
view or don't view
quantity more-or-less
live or don't live
dwell or don't dwell
tent pitching place -
or following betterment of self.

Filters don't change our feelings
they stimulate thought our responses and they
do influence the decisions we make
when we get signals, that's what feelings are.

(Feelings are neutral - neither good nor bad)
they are just real.
Training ourselves to be in touch with them
and putting them through the filters
is what makes the
Road Less Travelled
beautiful imperfection

These are just some of my filters -
offered as a stimulus to you and myself.
I am keen to keep my list active because
I must be missing some foundational ones.

One big filter::
-You are beautiful-