Friday, April 01, 2011

Think of the last time
when you and your
closest/loved one/friend/partner/colleague
had some sort of conflict?
For instance::
* a sharp unthought out exchange
* a nasty comment
* a put down
* a sarcastic remark
* a raised voice in anger
* a step back into non-communication
* an hour of silence between you
* feeling annoyed about the other
* or maybe some other behaviour or feeling.

Have you done that?
If so - move to the .......

Second question.
At that time, which you have recalled,
was you feeling one or more of the below::
1 Hungry
2 Angry
3 Lonely
4 Tired

Usually, in my experience,
we are at our worst when
one or more of these
is alive in us.
Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.
Pip Wilson

Anthony Storr:
"They hate those whom they love
since they cannot get from them
what they really need,
and since they dare not show this hate
for fear of losing even that which they have,
they turn it inwards against themselves."