Monday, July 25, 2011

I didn't count on Amy Winehouse dying
on top of the multiple murders in Norway.
My grief is heavily burdened by that tragedy.
One single life lost is a tragedy.
To have almost 100 is shattering to my soul.
Too much.

Norway is my second home.
Travelling there since 1993
with many close friends before that
and then the bomb, the shootings,
too much.

It is like a red hot poker being driven into my soul.
Too much.

That youthful age group
the age I have worked so much with when I visit.
I may have known some injured, terrified, killed
too much.

I don't only feel for the young humans
but their families,
their leadership
all young lives
I feel for the whole nation.
I don't know how to process the information.
Too much.

I cannot reflect yet on the death of Amy Winehouse.
My Norwegian Family are deeply wounded.
My Norwegian Family
I just want to be with them.
Too much.

No analysis
No criticism
No dwelling on the killer -
I just want to hold hands with
my friends
and family
in silence
before I can move on
it is all too much.