Saturday, March 09, 2013

"We can see a person’s behaviour but we can't see their journey" WORKSHOP

"We can see a person’s behaviour 
but we can't see their journey"

Pip Wilson Professional Development Workshop

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 (All day)

This is a full day workshop learning how we accompany young people, and all age people, especially when there is uncooperative behaviour. Through experiential learning Pip will engage us in emotional intelligence, emotional literacy, managing emotions and managing our own behaviour to be able to assist others to manage theirs, often vitally critical, behaviour.

Many methods of communication will be used which you may wish to add to your own portfolio of tools. THE BLOB TREE and 100's of her brothers and sisters will be used in the process. Movie clips, games, exercises and visuals will be used to create maximum participation and learning, engaging conversations and sustainable connections.


St John the Divine, Memorial Hall 
1611 Quadra St Victoria BC

This is a practical workshop that will be a great help to anyone who cares for humankind.
It will stimulate awareness and offer skill development opportunities for professional and personal development.

About Pip:
“My Mission, never called WORK, is to reach out to the hard to reach - full time.
I have a passion to reach out to:
Those on the fringe of a group, the loudest teenage gangs, the hard surfaced (who ALL have beautiful souls.)
To facilitate learning experiences for workers on urban frontiers who are working to support young humans who are often seen as disposable by systems and government policies.”
Pip is an Author who doesn't write - but reflects on life.
“Mainly and mostly - I want you to know that  .. you are beautiful.”

Event type:

• Workshop

Age group:

• Youth Workers
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