Friday, March 08, 2013

Bobby Hossain 'Gutter Feelings' Book Review

Gutter Feelings 
– By Pip Wilson

Review By 

Bobby Hossain

Pip Wilson’s book ‘Gutter Feeling’ relates to a time before I was born. Yet the relevance to all youth workers can be clearly seen throughout this amazing book. It felt like an opportunity to be present through his journey, his anger and experience his frustrations, passions and set-backs.  All of which are heart felt and so raw.

In his younger years I can see pain but such driving passion to make a difference and spread love and kindness. This man is hardened and not the man I have the honour of knowing today. This book could easily been written 5 years ago it is astonishing how many negative factors present of the ‘underclasses’ thirty years ago are still here.

Gutter feeling is exactly what it sounds like. It is those feelings deep down within us that are so hard to express. In Pip’s book I learnt so much about a great man but more than that, I learnt more about myself. Pip’s love and Christian values shine through in such a uniquely loving, real way. I recommend this book to any youth worker, Christian or not who wishes to learn more about connecting with young people in a real way rather than ‘text book’ approach.

‘Gutter feelings’ are in everyone and this book express the passion love and devotion of a man and his journey from pain to beauty ‘Beautiful Human Person style’!!

Much Love & Respect 

Bobby Hossain