Friday, December 25, 2015


In the Face of Christmas

Let us ask God for a good Christmas:
that no powerful nation
should tax the poor
or uproot them;

that no unmarried mother
should be put away in disgrace;

that no door will be shut
on those that need to find it open;

that shepherds and sheep and all of nature
need not be afraid;

that walls, barbed wire and angry soldiers
may not be found in Bethlehem;

that we will stop building walls
to keep people in and people out

that wise men and wise women 
might appear in Wales, in Scotland, in Ireland, in England,
in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in the whole of Europe
and in our street.

that children can be safe in schools around the world
that guns and weapons of war may not be seen as toys

that children may be preserved
from those who would abuse them;

that this Christmas,
that your home a stable
and the rumour become a reality
that The Divine has come among us.