Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Group-Work a place of BECOMING

"We become fully conscious only 
of what are able to express to someone else.
We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it, 
but it must remain vague so long as it is unformulated"

Paul Tournier from  "The Meaning of Persons

This is my favourite group work quote.
So So powerful for me.

Interactions are vital for growth.
‘We find comfort with people who agree with us
We find growth with people who don’t.’

I love that quote too.
It all seems sense to me
and feeds my group work.

We learn in 
asking questions
disclosing ourselves
encouraging others to do so.

Especially in groups.

And I don’t mean chatter.
I am talking L5 here.

A group-work session is an experience.
We learn from experiences
especially when we reflect in a group.
Reflective practice.
A purposeful exercise.

We can change.
We must change.
We must not be just a ‘being’
We must also be BECOMING.


our experiences to rise within us.

We learn from what is stirred within.
We learn from spiritual and emotional reactions.

I have often mentioned on these pages
that I have belonged to a Level Five group
for going on 36 years.

We can share like we  have never been apart.

If you don’t belong to a group who self disclose strategically - 
start one.
A Becoming Group.
A L5 group.
a Inside-Out group

Pip Wilson December 2015