Friday, June 02, 2017

Getting world leaders together - team building - cohesiveness - human relationships - not building more walls. TRUMP 'WALLS between people too"

You may agree that getting leaders together in your 
WORLD even ...... is a good thing.

To get to know each other as humans - have empathy - share 
experiences/ failures /ideas and build relationships.

Having meals together - walking together - personal stuff .............

Essential to work as a team I have found and firmly believe..
Massive part of the work I have done over the years.
Becoming cohesive to be able to manage /cope /develop /achieve.

Europe is a better place when leaders meet and  help solve problems and achieve new advancements for the good of all humans and well being of all nations.

As a leader in my context I have always had three P's as essential focal points::

Priorities because leadership is not STATUS it is FUNCTION.

AND then we have Donald Trump 
Interrupting a core group of leaders from around the world.
Disrupting his first meeting.
Shoving people around.
Not walking/talking with the group.
Delaying decision/s until he has moved away from the group rather than being honest  there......

THIS is all leadership and group dynamics stuff before we even mention the Climate of our future world!
Working together STRATEGICALLY to tackle future WORLD issue
Not the least the big one of SURVIVAL.

We can't be ME ME ME in this world.
Walls ................ again ......................