Thursday, June 22, 2017

Remembering part of a dream & getting cramp because of it/in it!

Woke up this morning in a dream but because I had an attack of cramp in my right calf. 
Jumped out of bed and walked around to ease the pain. 
Still feel the residue of it 2 hours later.

 But I remember the dream, a little - 
I don't often remember my dreams. 

I was at some large event & in an open sided caravan the was a young girl singing. 
The Mike automatically dropped down as she sang each line - robotic like. 
It was so good I called Connie over, 
our Grandaughter,  to see & we both joined in with the 🎤 singing - 

I was excited & that's when I was hit by the cramp ..... & jumped out of bed!

I get these cramps when the adrenaline flows when I am facilitating training - when I get excited or intense. 
Better than the gout I used to get. 

I remembered a dream !!
(Only a little of it. )