Friday, June 02, 2017

Pip Wilson - Experiential Trainer, Group-Worker - Author and available to facilitate your team or large conference.

Ideas here, only a few, of what I can do to meet training needs, 
getting teams working together, buzzing with ideas and moving on dynamically. 
I have used these methods with Staff from the Corporate sector, with a £4b turnover,
Qualitative researchers, School staff, Prison staff, Youth Workers, Social Workers, 
Psychotherapists, Clergy, business teams, CEO's, Chairs, Boards, CEO's and the young people they serve - together. 
Charity Teams, Residents in Homeless Hostels - and more.
All sessions are conducted in a relaxed and active way. 
'Motion changes emotion' 
is a key - the aim is to keep everyone participating, 
stretched in a gentle sense and engaged::

Transactional Analysis is one method of learning - highly experiential.
Training input and discussion relating to understanding communication between humans.
Awareness and skill in dealing with feelings plus 
being able to have an options toolbox in responding and managing a relationship.
This gives tools to add to the 'Life Toolbox'.
This is about raising awareness but also developing real skills. 
Relevant to the workplace and the whole of life.
People working prison, and homeless hostels, 
have told me that this tool has given them a sense of peace 
and an ability to manage relationships with competence.

The session includes movie clips from Hollywood Films, East Enders and Big Brother - 
all to aid the develop awareness of a deeper need to communicate with freshness. 
It is especially good as a toll for the 'Life-toolbox' when dealing with humans with special needs, 
difficult behaviour and your Line Manager !