Sunday, October 08, 2017

Survivors Training

Survivor Centred Safeguarding Training

We have a new course for professionals who work with people affected by abuse and trauma, that brings a survivor perspective to accredited safeguarding training. 

Survivors Voices is run under the umbrella of Reshapers CIC, a social enterprise founded by Jane Chevous. Reshapers Learning is registered with Gateway Qualifications to offer national qualifications and quality assured training.
Jane would love to hear from you if:
  • you know of an organisation or team that would benefit from being trained
  • you are a trainer and would like to join our team of associate trainers
  • you are someone who has experienced abuse and would like to help update our survivors' presentation for the course
  • you are someone who has experienced abuse and would like to be a Peer Champion presenter on the course.
(A Peer Champion is someone with personal experience of trauma & abuse who is willing to speak from that perspective and lead a presentation that represents the perspective of other survivors. You will not be asked to share your own story and training will be provided.)

See Reshapers Learning website for more information about our training. Contact Jane on for more information and if you would like to get involved. 

Please Pass the Word

We are rebuilding our mailing list after a few quiet years. Please pass the word to any survivors, supporters or professionals who you think might be interested in what we do. Our website is To subscribe to this mailing they can just click this link: Subscribe Now