Friday, October 20, 2017

A couple of questions for you - BECOMING Questions ...


1 Do you feel You are beautiful?   yes/no ?
2 Do you believe you are beautiful ?  yes/no 
Please can you say WHY? 
Please can you reflect more on each answer for your own BECOMING?
I travel & I ask this question.
So many cannot answer 
& can't 
'I am beautiful' 

It is not about what the scales say
It is not about your body-shape

What the mirror says
or what

Our feelings say sometimes -

It is the content of your soul.
You are Beautiful.

I was 40 before I could believe it for myself.
BECAUSE I was saying it to violent others
so I had to turn that on myself.
OTHERWISE I would be two faced

I still struggle with saying
"I am am beautiful"
I believe it - so I need to join the dots in my life.

Think of a human you don't LIKE.
I guess that it is the 
behaviour of the person which you don't like.
We need to see through behaviour.
We can see behaviour but
we can't see a persons journey.

We can learn to love
never perfectly
never completely
never all the time
but we can get on the road of BECOMING

Can you answer questions?
If you answer the ones above ones in your head - 
that's good.
If you answer the questions & write the answers out 
is better because it is more of an experience - more real.
If you write the answers & send them to me/or another human
THAT is 'self-disclosure' which is a real step developmentally because it is letting something important GO - letting it out.
'Bottled up emotions can damage their container.' 

Have a go - 
just a challenge for the inner beautiful YOU