Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Las Vegas shootings and me & you = WHY ......... VIDEO


It speaks to me in these times 
especially the 
Las Vegas horrific mass public murder of so many humans.

How terrible is the number of shootings in the USA.
It seems like the wild west with modern guns - whilst the laws initiated, and still standing about gun law, go back to the days when a guns had only one bullet in the chamber NOT automatic multi round mass killers.

The video here::
Nina Simone had just received the news of Martin Luther King being shot dead.
Here, only a couple of days after that death, she performed that song for us NOW.

I can feel the emotion in her voice as she sings 'WHY'?

It is so relevant to NOW.
Hear it.
FEEL it 
and lets work for change in whatever community you live and work in.
We are change makers not killers of life & Love.