Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A new poster from Blob Tree Tools - called 'Which Blob do you feel like today'

Which Blob Do You Feel Like Today? Poster Set of 5

Discuss Feelings and Emotions in every classroom & staff room

This extraordinary resource is designed to stimulate discussion and sharing of HOW one feels and WHY.
Put it up in the staffroom and watch your colleagues gravitate towards it, which Blob do they feel like today? A great way to promote team communication, understanding and empathy.
Put one up in the classroom and see how children and young people gather round, work out which Blob they feel like and really get talking about their feelings and emotions.
Developed by Pip Wilson and Ian Long, The Blobs are genderless characters which are used internationally to help people discuss their feelings. They use facial and body language to express emotions, which enables everyone to grasp their meaning.
Each set contains 5 copies of this A3 laminated poster and an instruction booklet with question ideas and notes for guidance.
This poster set is also available in a classroom pack of 2 (10 posters) , 3 (15 posters) , 6 (30 posters) and 10 (50 posters). Use the drop down menu above to select.