Wednesday, September 12, 2018

About finger pointing words like 'should' and 'aught'

Had a couple of putdowns
coming at me. 
Usually they are statements which start with the word "you......". 
It is a finger pointing word 
like 'should' and 'aught' . 

I never use those two words on principle. 
Also there are people who I warm to
and I want to see them develop. 
I yearn that they can be warm with others of differing natures and personalities. 
To love the lovely is great. 
To love the unlovely is a real challenge to all of us in our development. 
hmmmmm ..... 
I notice those I warm to, 
and others not as easy. 
So principles kick in.
Then I am off. 
The fingers cannot keep up with the mind, 
the 500 words a minute mind ....
.. but love can

(& I lurve - the music playing 
on my Juke Box right now
as I click to you.
'Mr know it all' by Stevie Wonder
A GREAT human himself) 

I love that quote::
'I don't like that person,
I must get to know them better'