Friday, November 02, 2018

Meeting Marina 10 years on ....

She first came to ROMFORD YMCA 20 years ago from Gabrovo YMCA in Bulgaria. 
We had a solid support programme of support for Bulgaria as it emerged from communism. 
We had many young stars come to us for experiential training- involvement & leadership in programmes especially the summer programme. 

Marina a star 
Now with a top job in SAN Francisco USA. 
BUT ...... still with a big heart for her home nation & Romford YMCA. 
We met up in LONDON for hours of catch-up after a 10 year gap. 
It was as if we had never been apart. We talked & talked - forever would have suited me. 
So many shared memories. 
So much sharing about both our journeys. 

I am still in love with Bulgaria & Marina personifies that beautiful nation & it’s people. 

T c pracrasin chovek