Thursday, November 22, 2018

I have decided that 'ease' is not OK. Black and white is not OK. Comfortable is not OK

A Town Called Uncomfortable
I feel a bit low today
but I feel it melting
as the day trips over noon.

But I want to capture
the feelings
because I want to know why? 

Why do I feel this way today?
Feelings are signals.
What is the signal?
Knowing my feelings,
feeling them,
owning them,
dissecting them
is important to me.
It is part of discovery journey. 

The road I want to travel -
to understand me -
to understand others - 

to feel deep empathy. 
I could give a lot more in relationships.
But I have been to the edge. 
I know boundaries better.
I know about fear
I know about error
I know about failure
But, I would rather fail on the edge because, 
I believe that
growth does not reside
in a place called comfortable.
I have decided that 'ease' is not OK.
Black and white is not OK. 
Comfortable is not OK
I want to reside in a place called
And by living there
to be in that place,
we can be open to the normality of constant change

and being the opposite of conservative.