Saturday, January 16, 2021

"See you at the Mayflower" - reflect on then and NOW !

 Images from the past keep emerging. As above ........

Mayflower  was the Youth Work project I led in the 70's80's.

I always reflect that this project was my University.

I learned so much from these  🅱🅴🅰🆄🆃🅸🅵🆄🅻  Humans - East Enders

Canning Towners


YES before this specialist Youth Work in London I worked in a Young Offenders Unit as House Father = all Manchester boys in residence. They were - and we were 'in residence' too.

ALSO I was, after that - I was leading in my first Youth & Community Centre' post - 7 days a week programme and the Family Wilson was residential again.

After that and before Mayflower I was working with young adults & teens in a YMCA Hostel.

ALL these experiences YET Mayflower was my university! ......... but don't we learn in all contexts?

My first book was published in London too.

I qualifies as a Youth & Community worker there (I had to do writing and stuff there - sociology behaviour studies racial issues TA Group Work etc and the biggest impact was when::

I discovered FEELINGS - within me and in addition - I started on the everlasting journey of how to manage my feelings. Powerful - the journey has changed my inner and outer life.

My first book is titled GUTTER FEELINGS about the first 40 years of life / learning / hurting / failing and getting up again to love - to love ........

Another book you may be interested in is THE BACK STREETS OF HEAVEN - again urban / street work based love - sometimes called youth work !

I have so many books I can't remember what order they were published or even the titles as I now type.

BUT you can got to and order a book (search 'pip wilson') and a book or books will be be delivered direct to you by post.

So many things going on in my life right now too .......... I have shared some of them if you scroll  below ...........

Just a few words from the life of Pip.

More coming every day